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Communities of Practice

CHIA SA supports a number of Communities of Practice to provide peer networking and member engagement services.

The Communities of Practice meet quarterly with topics reflecting members’ interests and priorities.

There are seven Communities of Practice currently operating:

  • Finance
  • Assets & Maintenance
  • Tenant Engagement
  • Tenancy Management
  • Compliance & Systems
  • WHS
  • Disability housing

Attendance is open to all interested employees across CHIA SA members. Further information please contact us.

In addition, CHIA SA facilitates the Community Housing Emerging Leaders Networking Group (CHELNG), which meets quarterly to support CHP employees looking to progress into executive leadership roles. CHELNG provides peer support and opportunities to connect with CHP executives and the CHIA SA Board of Directors.



2024/25 Communities of Practice Schedule

CHIA SA is currently engaged in a series of consultation and planning sessions with the…