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Community Housing

Community housing is an alternative to public housing for people on low to moderate incomes who are in, or are at risk of, rental stress or face barriers to entry into the private housing rental market.

Community housing provides secure, affordable, long term rental housing for people with specific needs, including people who have experienced homelessness, the elderly, First Nations peoples, people with disability, survivors of domestic violence, people from non-English speaking backgrounds and low-income families and individuals.

Community housing is managed by not-for-profit organisations and provides a variety of living arrangements depending on the needs and preferences of tenants.

There are two types of community housing provider in South Australia

Community Housing Providers (CHP)

Community Housing Providers (CHPs) are not-for-profit organisations providing housing for people with special housing needs.  They are administered, maintained, and managed by paid employees. CHPs deliver social and affordable housing in partnership with the SA Housing Authority and Renewal SA.  All registered CHPs are legally incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

List of Community Housing Providers

Volunteer Member-Tenant Managed Organisations (VMTMO)

A Volunteer Member-Tenant Managed Organisation (also known as housing co-operatives) is a group of people with a common interest who work together to maintain and manage housing for its members. Members perform landlord roles (tenancy, rent, maintenance) and business roles (administration, book-keeping).

Membership requires significant ongoing commitment, including attending monthly and other meetings, and actively participating in the management of the organisation.

List of Volunteer Member-Tenant Managed Organisation providers


To be eligible for community housing, customers must meet the basic eligibility criteria before they can be registered on the Community Housing Customer Register.

To pass the base eligibility criteria people need to:

  • be a resident of South Australia
  • be over the age of 18 years
  • not be a homeowner or partly own any residential property
  • have an independent income

Exceptions to this criterion may apply in extenuating circumstances. 

Registrants must be able to show proof of income and identification.

Registrants must also meet the eligibility criteria set by the individual community housing providers they express interest in.

Multiple Household Groups

If there is more than one household group in your Registration of Interest, such as a couple with a child and a financially independent elderly parent, both households need to be eligible, or have special circumstances.

Housing Needs Assesment

A Housing Needs Assessment can be undertaken if the registrant indicates they have particular needs, or circumstances that limit their housing options. The Assessment will establish the registrant’s level of need and the category they should be placed in.

Due to the high demand for housing, and the nature of community housing, no time frame can be given for a possible housing offer. Community housing does not guarantee a housing offer, so it is important to consider alternative housing options. Community housing is not emergency housing but another social housing option.

If you feel that you are in urgent need of housing, then please contact the SA Housing Authority on 131 299 to discuss your options.  

You may also wish to contact one of the emergency housing contacts.

Register your interest

To start the process of accessing Community Housing as a housing option, ‘A Registration of Interest in Housing’ form needs to be completed.

This form can be found on the state government’s website

This form (together with any other supporting documents required) must then be returned to your nearest Housing SA office, see our list of volunteer member-tenant-managed organisations.

What happens next?

A letter informing of successful registration will be sent to registrants, who may be asked to provide further information or to attend an appointment for further discussion. Registrations are placed into a category based on individual need.  People with the highest level of need are offered housing first.

It is important to contact the SA Housing Authority Ensure contact details change or if you wish to cancel your registration.