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Steven Marshall MP | Michelle Lensink MLC
Helping more South Australians into homeownership, growing jobs and boosting the economy are the key elements of the Liberal Government’s new $550 million housing and homelessness strategy, released today.

Our Housing Future 2020-30, commits to a once-in-a-generation plan to modernise and reform the state’s housing system to meet the future needs and aspirations of South Australians.

The new strategy will deliver more than 20,000 affordable housing outcomes over the next decade.

Major initiatives in the $550 million plan include:

• $400 million towards delivering 1000 new affordable homes by 2025 for low and moderate income earners.

• All profit generated from the development activity for the 1000 new homes will be injected back into Housing SA.

• An additional $75 million over ten years to continue this Government’s commitment to addressing the public housing maintenance backlog.

• A $54 million neighbourhood renewal program over five years delivering new social, affordable and open market homes.

• $20 million from 2020-21 over 10 years for a Homelessness Prevention Fund.

• Continuing to support home ownership through 10,000 HomeStart Finance loans targeted to low and moderate income households and committing an additional $5 million over five years to the Stater Loan initiative which will provide for 500 new loans.

• Delivering up to 1000 employment and training outcomes to help social housing tenants into a job.

Premier Steven Marshall said the $550 million commitment will help deliver the Liberal Government’s plan to build South Australia.

“This strategy will deliver a local jobs bonanza, injecting hundreds of millions into the South Australian economy and providing a real boost to our building and construction industry,” said Premier Marshall.

“Our plan is going to give aspiring first home buyers a foot in the door and an opportunity to live the great Australian dream of owning a home.”

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said she hoped the new strategy would “help more South Australians into home ownership”.

“Our new strategy is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to modernise our system and deliver real change for South Australians,” said Minister Lensink.

“The plan will empower and support more South Australians to achieve their housing aspirations.

“At its heart, the new strategy aims to help South Australians into homeownership, prevent people falling into homelessness and ensure public housing is available for our most vulnerable.

“We’re delivering 20,000 affordable housing outcomes to help relieve the thousands of South Australians living in private rental stress.

“We are providing pathways to support people exiting social housing or private rental stress, while providing a safety-net for those who need it most.”

Minister Lensink said the strategy would begin the address the state’s social housing maintenance backlog.

“Our $75 million injection into maintenance will mean the Liberal Government has committed almost $100 million towards much-needed improvements and upgrades to the state’s public housing stock.

“Importantly, surpluses from our 1000 affordable home sales will be reinvested back into affordable and social housing.”

Minister Lensink said the Liberal Government had consulted more than 1000 people and organisations on the new strategy over the past 12 months.

“The strategy will guide our decisions over the next decade – but it’s just a start,” said Minister Lensink.

“We’re excited to work with the community and our partners in achieving greater housing outcomes for South Australians.”

Visit to see the strategy.